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A crayon drawing of a jelly fish with the word briny written under it.

Image:  A drawing of a jelly fish that has been coloured in with blue, green, yellow, and orange crayons. This is overlayed onto a photo from under the water in the ocean. Below the jellyfish is the text "Briny"

Briny is a multisensory show for young audiences that explores stories from the ocean. It combines elements of theatre, puppetry, dance, music, and lots of sensory play. 


Briny is performed in a shallow indoor swimming pool with small group audiences joining the performers in the pool. Audiences will consist of just 1 to 4 children at a time, and their guardians. These small audiences mean that we are able to provide an audience led experience.

Briny has been created by a team of disabled and non-disabled artists. While everyone is welcome to attend Briny, it has been crafted with disabled and neurodivergent children in mind.


A key focus of this work is to develop rich sensory experiences that can be customized to each audience member. As long as audience members are being safe, there is no right or wrong way to experience this show.

More Details

  • Briny is at the Downtown YMCA (851 Broughton St)

  • The show is approximately 25 - 30 minutes in length.

  • Show times take place on Friday afternoons between 1:30pm - 3:00pm

  • Attendance is by donation.

Accessibility Information

  • The pool has a staircase with three steps to enter this pool. Unfortunately, there is not a ramped entry for this pool. 

  • The YMCA has child sized life jackets and adult sized foam flotation belts available. Embrace additionally has two adaptive dorsal position life jackets.

  • There are no strobe or rapidly flashing lights used in this show

  • There are two gender neutral, single user washrooms at the front of the YMCA

  • There is a YMCA lifeguard who is guarding the show. 

  • In the weeks prior to the performance, audiences will receive visual stories and complete logistics information for the piece.

How to Attend Briny

All showings for Briny have now been assigned to their initial audiences. If you would like to be put on the waitlist to attend, please contact Erin at 


Note: While this show is open to individuals of all ages, we are currently giving priority registration to audience members ages 3 to 10. However, we may have space for individuals outside of that age range, so feel free to connect with Erin regardless of your age.

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