Supporting Embrace

4 dancers are facing the right of the image an use their bodis to express excitement.

We couldn't do this without you. The growth we've seen this year has been astronomical - and a large part of that is due to the support of our amazing community! We are so grateful to be able to offer programs in so many different spaces. Running these programs all come at a cost and we are thankful for all the community support we've received to make them possible.

If you wish to provide financial support for Embrace, click on the big green button and follow the link through to our donorbox where we can accept your donation. If you have more questions about providing financial support, please get in touch.

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In addition to financial support - if you have any of these things you want to donate to the organization, please let us know.




  • Large Tap Shoes (Adult Sizes 9 and Up) 

  • Local Rehearsal Space

  • Local Storage Space

  • Advertising Space

  • Sewing Support

  • Connect-a-Stretchy Band Primary Set of 6 with Hub 12 (Bear Paw Creek)

The words THANK YOU